A Different Kid

In this dream, I was taken back to another time, another place. Who knows where? I certainly don’t. It felt a lot like the 1950s, like a scene out of Back to the Future. It may have been set at a school, but I’m not sure. It was a bit cloudy for me.

The reason I feel like it may have been set at a school is because the focus of my dream was an old friend who I grew up with and went to school with through high school. After high school, my friend got caught up in some scary stuff and it triggered some extremely challenging health conditions for him and he’s sort of a different person now.

I was not the friend I should have been for him back then and I’ve always regretted it. I think about it from time to time.

Anyway, back to my dream. In the dream we were together at this school as kids, but the interaction was different. He was different. I was the same. Instead of being the friend I grew up with, a seemingly normal boy, he was the adult version of himself (but as a kid). It was confusing. It was a little scary. Honestly, it was painful. I can best describe the feeling as helplessness. It was sad. Very sad.

I don’t understand the purpose of this dream, but you can bet I’ll be doing some (introverted) thinking about this one, looking for something in it.