Aching Taradiddle

I know you’d have me disappear.

But that’s an option that won’t cohere.

Believe me, I’ve tried it before.

As I merely made it to the shore.

For the ocean screamed at me.

And the wrath of its waves caused me to flee.

So I wandered haplessly beneath the steel towers.

As the sweltering heat caused me to cower.

I pondered. I reviewed. I grappled. I chewed.

On how to show love and help you too.

The complexity and beauty and pain of this riddle.

Is smothered by unostentatious taradiddles.

Where we go from here I do not know.

I’m just reversing course on this rabbit hole.

But as reality holds, I may not escape.

This maze in my mind, where love takes shape.

So if I vanish in time from now til the end.

Know I am love and you… are my friend.