All Your Rage

I want so much to understand you

Assuredly there has to be a better way

I visit a thousand conflicting perspectives

Every disquieted, delicate, discouraging day!

When this cycle spins out of control

My blissful blood boils to the top of the gauge

I would never harm even your salty sweat

So I sit here blessedly and take all your rage!

Since you have no one else to give it to

You scream at him, then it comes to me

That sad, insecure, little pawn of despair

Oh how you nip! How you make him see!

I promise you I feel this fleeting force

Feel your sour soul breaking apart

But I refuse to attack! It’s not my move

It’s on you to finish that which you start!

I know you’re lost in these wicked woods

As religious decree spins you out of control

With a wet, menacing, mangy coyote

Who ignores your emotions for his silver and gold!

So stay on this path of self-deception

And allow your conscious these fallacious lies

While you continue feeding me all your rage

As you wrestle your demons as I ossify!

Or take a stand against these phantom feelings

That cause you tension as anxiety burns

Surmise me a human with nothing but love

Let the net of your soul catch my love in return!