Alluring Beau

My friend Fletcher is a mysterious man

He’s great with the ladies, has always a plan

Not so reliable, but I understand

He’s so damn gorgeous, a good looking man.

The ladies all flock for Tom Brady vibes

With Fletcher unfazed, the unflappable guy

He shares not his secrets or his ridiculous jive

And when the meds are needed, it’s he they prescribe.

The texture of his motion so smooth like butter

Make a poor girl steal, make a rich girl flutter

Make her feel so good, make her engine sputter

Catch her heart on fire, not a single word muttered.

So for all you ladies, if you’re out on the go

And you see his eyes with that mystical glow

And you’re pulled so strongly toward this alluring beau

Fret not m’ladies, enjoy yourself… and just feel his flow.