Amor en el horno

Train derailment of a friendship in the making.

Tossed out like garbage after many hours of baking.

Oh, you haven’t heard? The best friendships are baked!

They take time and effort and overcoming mistakes.

So, I lost a batch, whoopty freakin doo, oh well!

Yeah, it stung like hell, the tears all swelled, I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t bathe and I smelled.

But something amazing happened amid all the rain.

I met you.. and you.. and you.. and you.. and you ALL smothered the pain.

Like stop, drop, and roll, yo, our boy is on fire!

Let’s collectively put out this flame before the ire becomes dire.

Sure I still think about that other batch I lost.

Although it’s of no consequence today, I’ve profited greatly from the cost.

Some batches go bad due to past causation.

But baking continues and we’re back in gestation.

In case you are wondering, this is a letter of love.

For my true friends who saved me like angels from above!