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Janina Sydow IEI (INFJ)
Janina Sydow is an Enneagram 5, introvert, and highly sensitive empath from Germany, obsessed with music and meaningful lyrics. She's not afraid to talk about her experience with depression and regretting motherhood yet she has a childlike soul who loves nature and the little things.

Flood of words

After a few rough weeks of therapy, facing my depression and also an eating disorder, after digging into my past, exploring my feelings and crying a lot, the stormy cold

Bleeding memories

She didn’t know how long she’s been in the dark, but the light in front of her window had changed. It was peeking softly through the curtains. Did she sleep

The Corset

»I don’t like being a mom.« Boom. All eyes on the woman, let’s call her April, that until just now followed the conversations of her friends about diapers, playgroups, teething

Out of the woods

I was a lot like her and still I am,I reminded you of her. I understand. I know she broke your heart leaving you. So, you had no choice but leave me

Dancing in the dark

In the darkness of the night she was laughing, barefoot in the middle of the street, arms spread out and eyes closed. Everything just felt right and if it wasn’t