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Matt Hall IEI (INFJ)
Matt Hall is an Enneagram 4 who loves psychology. Matt loves to express himself through creativity and enjoys writing deep, meaningful stories. Matt also has a passion for imagery and enjoys clean, beautiful aesthetics. Matt’s hobbies include creating, exercising, and spending time with family.

Dirt on my Name

I can’t be who I want to be No options remain, so I’ll just be me Goin insane All these things they rack my brain Imagination trumps information A tug


“Door slam” is a phrase originally coined out of the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator system as a means of self-protection, specifically for the INFJ personality type, where someone cuts ties

Shattering Star

Free me from this shattering star I once softly shouted to a stranger. Shady. Shunned. Shackled. Shhh. She said Desires deliver such a delicate danger. Pressure purposed to laborious life

Too Many Moons

Hello old friend, you’ve traveled so far I’m sure your frigid feet ache intensely Can I get you food or drink or warmth? May I feel your discomfort immensely. Did

Souls in Her Storm

Girl, I know you know you made a mistake, although you’ll never admit it. Not to me. Not to him. Not to anyone. You don’t need to. The past reaches

Web of Space

This dream began with my wife and I hanging out with some old friends. We were on a plain at very high altitude. We were in a convertible car, but

Grace Citation

Hi there friend, so here’s the deal. You need to know how you made me feel. Since you won’t communicate or offer respect. And your wolf is a cowardly piece

Blood-Stained Snow

Blood-stained snow resembled shaved ice flavors. I seem to have startled you as I worriedly approached. My concern mistaken for desire without favor. A topic you wrestled with but refused


Astrocrow scares all the aliens away With betas and alphas and hummingbirds of prey Velvet-laced limbs confer in scooping trance While exotic vine rockets in confetti dance The vivid colors

When it Rains on Mars

I took a slow, desolate walk on Mars today. Not a soul in sight, so I thought I’d stay. The red moist ground reminded me. This isn’t Earth with her

Soul Intubation

Stuck in this swirling pool of irritation. No single day passes without “what-if” thought. There’s no such thing as relaxing vacation. Mind found a mystery, but bondage was bought. Insignificant

Intuition Taxing

I smell deception like an unwanted scent. Feeling regret from emotion which once was spent. This lack of trust yields a choking hold. It perceives their intentions, perplexingly bold. I

Campaign Chasm

We struggle through life as our scars collide, when our paths converge, cross, and zip around frantically. The way we process and function provides a foundation, but experiences provide a

My Abyss

They all arrive with flashlights in hand. They’ve come to save me. Well isn’t this grand. As night closes in they circle o’er my pit. Staring down into darkness, into

Soul Shower

Watching rain fall in diagonal sequence. Wondering what future it brings. Lifeless dust layered on my arid skin. As liquid pitter-patter washes me clean. I wanna know. Have you ever

The State of My Skin

I can’t escape her. No matter how fast I run. She’s everywhere. Lurking! Like I am the Earth and she is the Sun. Her heat is taxing. As my thirst

Restricted Rations

I’m not afraid to love. So why are you? With your heart so red, but your feels so blue. I don’t run from the pain. I’m sure that you know.

She Watches

She thinks about me all week long. While he’s away. When he is gone. But when he’s around, she disappears. An empty heart. A burning ear. She wants to see


I saw her drive by my house today. As I watched in slow motion, I saw her say. “I see you standing there watching me mister.” She mouthed it so

Star Baby

Star baby star baby You’ll go so far Your crib is your vessel So reach for the stars It won’t be easy Stars don’t come cheap But the cosmos adores


I’m the person who would walk the farthest for you. The one who would go anywhere for you. The one who would drop anything and hurry to your rescue. The

Dig Me Up

There’s nothing left. You’ve cast your stones. So dig me up, them skeleton bones. The autopsy will show a cratered chest. Where atomic enmity blasted your nuclear mess. Jerk up

Heart-Braided Rope

Shit hits the fan in a wet, sloppy thud. I cry out for help to my peeps and my love. But they just stand there, like they’re stuck in mud.

Sapphire Sphere

Baby blue sky backs an over-protective sphere. Those far away see what I see near. A billion others share this same restraint. Think about it too much. Light-headed. Faint. Clouds