Bears and Pumas

If we passed each other by, you’d look to the sky

Perhaps even ignore me or let out a sigh

I’d be oblivious to your confusing anger

But when you open your heart you face all the danger

I hoped you’d consider not stooping so low

But your sticks and your stones struck such a tough blow

That’s what’s wrong with the world today

You’re expected to act as they say you may

And if you don’t, then they place the blame

They’ll call for your head in public shame

And if you still don’t comply, they’ll howl like the beast

And call in their pack, those horrible teeth

The wolves are out there with that smirking frown

But the bears and the pumas we don’t back down

He learned the hard way when he took a poke

And was squashed into silence like an artichoke

You might be the villain in their fairy tale vision

Because perspective to them is a rudimentary prison

But there’s a positive message. There’s no need to worry

We’re all the bad guy in somebody’s story