Bitter Linger

I saw her as a sister

But she saw me as a bae.

He saw it as betrayal

And feared that she would stray.


The picture doesn’t paint

Itself in just one day.

The answers sometimes take

Each thread to slowly fray.


You calculate the silence

The colors and the grey.

You vet the noise so loudly

And give each thought a weigh.


All the theories grab you

But intuition stays.

You have to learn to trust it

To see the wolf in prey.


Boundaries confused her

A spectrum full of gray.

Reasoning diminished

And fears were not allayed.


The taste it lingers bitter

For sweetness you can pray.

Some pain it heals so slowly

But never goes away.


I refuse to lock these feelings

I won’t keep them at bay.

For am I not the keeper

Of lives in disarray!