Black Desert

I’m stranded.

In this desert of black.

Where I can usually see, now I see nothing.

All the emotions are dried up and cracked.

A life full of pain shoots straight up my back.

Every action seems to lack purpose.

Hints of voices plead for me to be brave.

But in here a plan is as good as a grave.

I’ve walked North, South, East, and West.

But yielded nothing in this utter mess.

Helpless I feel as I ride this wave.

Of sand and darkness, everyday.

Glass fully empty, as I die of thirst.

Forcing it only to make it worse.

Her sun beats down in a pounding rage.

My sanity I pay as an emotional wage.

My days are numbered in this wretched place.

Visions of pain, mirages of grace.

I can’t solve this riddle in my finite head.

Too much data, the puzzle is dead.

A much bigger deal to me it seems.

When will this nightmare turn back to a dream?