Blood-Stained Snow

Blood-stained snow resembled shaved ice flavors.

I seem to have startled you as I worriedly approached.

My concern mistaken for desire without favor.

A topic you wrestled with but refused to broach.

Coagulated gore flows red from my veins.

Deep wounds left alone refused to heal.

Your vivid, dark fear pierced like poison dart pain.

Yielding paralyzing passion only feelers could feel.

You whispered so fiercely: Wrap my pain with your being!

But your grief had no name and was locked up so tight.

Yet your soul still persisted while my gaze peered unseeing.

Take my pain! Take my pain! But stay out of sight.

I saw only red as it filtered through.

That cold snow melted into a broken heart shape.

You sauntered away while the blizzard consumed.

As I reached for redemption with my gift of self… raped.