Boot Camp

In this dream, I was at a friends house, but he seemed more like a sibling. His mother or someone else there was doing something that was very irritating to me, but I can’t remember exactly what it was. I remember there were four other kids there, all who were in some group together and the fact that they were there really irritated me. My friend (or sibling) and I got on a computer at some point and began solving a programming problem.

We were taken to some sort of military boot camp type of place, but when we got there I realized I didn’t have the socks, boots, or pants I was supposed to have for it. I was very nervous about it, but when I walked in, no one cared that I had forgotten these important articles of clothing. It wasn’t like a boot camp at all. The vibe was very relaxed and people were actually coming and going as they pleased.

The next thing I knew, I was at the top of a steep hill with some other guys. I knew them, but I didn’t recognize them. A few of the guys left. They went fast down the steep hill. At some point I put two of the guys in a box and they rode quickly down the hill and crashed into a table with chairs around it. One guy was Cambodian. The other guy was Korean. I have no idea who they were.

Finally, I took my son, his friend, and his friend’s mom somewhere so they could pickup their instruments for band. When they came out, my son’s friend was carrying my son’s instrument. I was irritated by that and asked my son to carry his own instrument. My son’s friend was rude and smarted off to me. I advised he show respect. He obliged…. and I believe that’s where it all ended.