Bring the Key

You can carry the key in your jaded heart

But the lock is affixed to my heavy chains

Which are bound securely around this neck

Forcing my fate, dipped in precipitous pain.

I hope someday you can discern the truth

That you can find safety in gentle hearts

When your feelings dissipate and fade away

A new mission cries out so you must embark.

Thirst for me empress. Seek me out

Take back control then let it all go

Call for me tsarina. Find me there

Drop your guard then feel the flow.

Bring the key and free us both

This is the gift which awaits you now

As our skeptical souls shake with fear

And our gentle spirits hurt so loud.

When those callous chains come crashing down

While permanent impressions glow pink on my skin

I’ll reside in your debt for the freedom you brought

But fade into scars in this shameful chagrin.