Bruised Hands

In this dream, I was at a warehouse where hundreds of workers were all performing different tasks. Outside, trucks were being loaded. Everyone was very focused.

I went inside the warehouse which was crescent shaped. There, I played doubles tennis with a friend from high school and two others. The friend from high school (actually a friend from elementary through high school) was on the opposing team. He’s a large man now. He stands over six feet tall and is solid. During the tennis match his serves became more violent with each iteration, to the point where they were bruising my hands whenever I tried to return each serve. Ultimately, my hands bruised and hurt so badly that I hit all the balls out of the fenced area and had to go into the sewer to find them.

While in the sewer, I ended up in a bathtub. It was the bathtub from my childhood. There, another child dumped leaves and sand into the bathtub. He wanted the leaves and sand to go down the drain, but I told him only the sand could go down the drain. It upset him that I wouldn’t allow the leaves to go down the drain. I feared that the leaves would clog the drain.

The next thing I know, I was back at the warehouse. My friends were all working. The pastor at one of the churches we are in, a very famous man who I’ve never met personally (because it’s a very large church), approached me and offered to show me around. He wanted to show me how things were run there. He took me from place to place inside the warehouse. I felt like I knew how to interact with him because he and my son, seemingly, have the same personality type.

Once we were finished with our tour of the warehouse, he said goodbye and left me alone.

I began working and the dream ended.