Web of Space

This dream began with my wife and I hanging out with some old friends. We were on a plain at very high altitude. We were in a convertible car, but

Veil of Disgrace

She visited my slumber and caused confusion. I turned and whispered: This must be an illusion. Thoughts abstracted and words turned to mush. She sat there in silence, consumed by

Chaos Virus

I’m not sure where to even start with this dream. Wooo! Perhaps the beginning is a good place, LOL. I was on the campus of a college or university. Things

Helicopter in Hand

This dream started with my wife, her friend, and I walking through a dirt field, which was a parking lot. We were heading into what I can only describe as

The Cowardly Lion

This dream started in a somewhat rural area that seemed to be getting primed for some sort of development. Sad, I know. I hate seeing trees cut down. There has

Tin Can Phone

In this dream I was at some type of sporting event. It seemed like a mix between basketball, soccer, and something completely barbarian. I didn’t fully understand the rules or

Restricted Area

In this dream, my wife and I were at a large sporting goods store. We visited this store twice during the dream. During the first visit, we were chauffeured through a

Nomadic Device

In this dream the focus was on a device. I don’t have a name for this device, but I’ll do my best to describe it. It was one of those

Another Dimension

In my latest dream, things got very weird. In fact, I’m not sure I can adequately describe this dream. Sigh. I’ll do my best. Let me apologize in advance for

Boot Camp

In this dream, I was at a friends house, but he seemed more like a sibling. His mother or someone else there was doing something that was very irritating to

Bruised Hands

In this dream, I was at a warehouse where hundreds of workers were all performing different tasks. Outside, trucks were being loaded. Everyone was very focused. I went inside the

A Different Kid

In this dream, I was taken back to another time, another place. Who knows where? I certainly don’t. It felt a lot like the 1950s, like a scene out of¬†Back

Loaded Wagon

In this dream, I started out at a house. I was taking care of a baby. I was anxious and nervous and the baby seemed to be in control of