Misplaced in Time

So far away she doesn’t seem real Even with logic the doubts still prevail I reach out to touch her but only feel pain Is this love, or torture, or


What If I Awoke

What if I awoke And it was all but a dream When I wandered sad and lost Where your pain placed no decree. What if my worth never lay Cold


Society Rapes

Chills all over as Society rapes Hard knee on my neck Disbelief on my face. Murder feels in the air tonight Oh Lord please help us Flash of badge, then


Two Good Reasons

I would have protected you From your desires Dropped a kilo of water On your burning fire. To have a friendship Till the end of days With someone who fathoms

Hollow Man

Casual Capitulation

Can rash reality reboot reconciliation? Can we casually capitulate with no causation? It seems soul sisters have scribbled our sin Jotting jaded judgments with policy and pen. While irritating influencers

Girl on Peer


They voiced their disdain and deemed her flighty With pleas for placidity in a judgmental spree Lay down your munitions you myopic milksop As I urged the eyes of their


Down in a Pit

I know what it’s like to be down in a pit Spit on Shit on Told to go sit Face in a corner Nose on the wall Eyes to the

Abstract Man

Existential Thresh

I pissed my pants yesterday Transcendent dance Time to play. Shit myself with no control Demons released Reset and go. Dentition disaster with vacated mouth End is near Nutritional drouth.


A Kiss Overdue

I wanna free fall from a thousand feet Hit the ground so hard there’s nothing left Or get blasted into a fiery furnace Burn up in flames in a solar

Hand Puppet

Walk of Life

We traversed a great plain My pup and I. Saw God’s creation Cool fog fell from high. We passed a dead roach With broken heart disease. My pup sniffed his

Shining Light

I’ll Be Somewhere

When it all goes down girl And you realize I’m the only one who cared Please come find me I’ll be there. You can pray to God Through our spiritual


Spiritual Thing

Like it or not We’re now connected in some spiritual thing It’s deeper than you or I or any earthly spring. It’s more powerful Than admiration, love, or even lust

Fire Breathing Cat

That’s What Ya Get

Invisible boundary breached I’m not ninja She crafted me a tool I’m binoculars, he holds me. Look! Now he sees what she wants That’s what ya get You got me

Wall of Tears

Dam of Tears

Took a hike today Cried like a baby Felt so damn good No black and white, just greys and maybe. Thought about the passing Of a beloved friend’s soul When


Cold Kapok

I sat alone on the side of a road Left there to die. Left there to mold My eyes didn’t blink. My expressionless face Stared straight ahead hoping for an

Foisted Fear

I won’t scarper anymore from your foisted fear As my tormenting treadmill keeps me near. The more I run, the more the belt turns Till eventually I fall with irrational


Why do you shut-in such a beautiful soul? Everyone admires you, I want you to know. Even the doubters who seemed not so loyal Chose you every time and anointed

Unconcealed Disfavor

All those times I waited for you Praying for that conciliatory chance Wasting away in a caffeinated crater Performing scenarios in a mental trance. A fool taking part in an

Myopic Culture

She calls it perversion. I call it beauty. Art comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designations. A photo of a man, woman, animal, or object, if aesthetically pleasing to

Game of Numbers

How many of us would they kill And leave in the streets Were we to threaten their riches? These leaders we so desperately follow They see us as part of

It Chases

This thing, it chases me. Everyday It never stops moving, a mental ballet. It chases the thoughts right into my mind And once they are conquered. It continues to twine.

Fade From Black

Please soften the sting of my hurting heart With your gentle and resolute healing power. A subtle smile or nod or gesture Can make so sweet what once was sour.

Dirt on my Name

I can’t be who I want to be No options remain, so I’ll just be me Goin insane All these things they rack my brain Imagination trumps information A tug


“Door slam” is a phrase originally coined out of the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator system as a means of self-protection, specifically for the INFJ personality type, where someone cuts ties