Grace Citation

Hi there friend, so here’s the deal. You need to know how you made me feel. Since you won’t communicate or offer respect. And your wolf is a cowardly piece

When it Rains on Mars

I took a slow, desolate walk on Mars today. Not a soul in sight, so I thought I’d stay. The red moist ground reminded me. This isn’t Earth with her

Soul Intubation

Stuck in this swirling pool of irritation. No single day passes without “what-if” thought. There’s no such thing as relaxing vacation. Mind found a mystery, but bondage was bought. Insignificant

Intuition Taxing

I smell deception like an unwanted scent. Feeling regret from emotion which once was spent. This lack of trust yields a choking hold. It perceives their intentions, perplexingly bold. I

Campaign Chasm

We struggle through life as our scars collide, when our paths converge, cross, and zip around frantically. The way we process and function provides a foundation, but experiences provide a

My Abyss

They all arrive with flashlights in hand. They’ve come to save me. Well isn’t this grand. As night closes in they circle o’er my pit. Staring down into darkness, into

Star Baby

Star baby star baby You’ll go so far Your crib is your vessel So reach for the stars It won’t be easy Stars don’t come cheap But the cosmos adores


I’m the person who would walk the farthest for you. The one who would go anywhere for you. The one who would drop anything and hurry to your rescue. The

Heart-Braided Rope

Shit hits the fan in a wet, sloppy thud. I cry out for help to my peeps and my love. But they just stand there, like they’re stuck in mud.

Gavel Feels

Why do they fear us? Have we killed before? Some murderous monster with a ghastly roar? Our ways seem uncommon and quite aberrant. While their judgemental gavel feels so inherent.

Your Box

Something happens and you see only a box. Face value is invaluable to you, so you assume you see something, perhaps a fox. You act with dexterity, but the joke

Prison Bubble

When in the snap of a finger, I am gone, I will be waiting for you, instantly. Out there, beyond that great big something… a sky… an atmosphere… a world.


You can drag my name through the mud. You have. Tell them all about the monster you think I am. I’ve tried to hate you because I needed to. I

Keep Dreaming 2018

It’s time for, you guessed it, my look back on the year that was, right after it was that year, the one which was, which I will write about now,

Societal Trope

Who are we that we can leave another person in anguish and despair, hurting? Leave them broken and in shambles after they’ve plummeted from a great wall? How do we

Reign of Error

When our beliefs and expectations influence our behavior at the subconscious level, we are enacting what is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. A more formal definition of self-fulfilling prophecy is: A

The Ink

The octopus emerges fluidly and slowly from a tiny crevice in the wavy ocean floor littered with sand. A beam of light powers its way down from the surface, illuminating

Ignoble Oaf

We’re bad-asses until humility slams through the door, confusing our feelings, disarming our motivations, and electrocuting our souls.¬†Arrogance grabs hold. A sudden and overwhelming feeling of helplessness falls upon us,

Stay Broken

My drugs were no longer effective. The highs and the escape which these drugs once brought me were now unavailable. I’m not talking about actual drugs that we swallow or

Ristretto Raucous

The day started somewhat normally. I had an early meeting with a customer, which usually means I stay home to work because I can control my environment, however I needed

Too Easy

Over the years I’ve heard people say, “I don’t care”. A good friend recently told me that he didn’t care what people thought. I thought it was silly for someone

A Motley Mosaic

Divorce. What an ugly word! The definition of this word, “the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body”, reeks of cold, hard ground. Perhaps this

Has to Go

Recently, I received a random phone call. “Hello, Mr. Hall?”, a voice inquired over the telephone. “Mr. Hall is gone, plus even if he were here, Mr. Hall is my

Exaggerated Sense

I’ve been around for a while and if there’s one thing that has become abundantly clear to me it’s that people are self-absorbed and many of them portray narcissistic behavior.