Cave of Sorrow

Trapped in my cave like a retreating spider.

Paralyzed by seasons, a prison so cold.

Deprecating self for a plethora of reasons.

Searching for comfort in the things I should know.


Pushed so deeply into my cave of sorrow.

My soul attacked as I tried to cope.

Metamorphosis endowed so the story fits.

Each breathe made large by their microscope.


I sought to extinguish this burning desire.

As the fire blazed on, an exhaustive flame.

Now shifted inward to a soul in despair.

Left with nothing but crippling shame.


Control has left me, so just let me be.

This is not a clash I care to win.

Whether shackled or free, dead or alive.

The fight is with me, my struggles within.


My heart and my soul, so frigid and numb.

Strapped to a leash as worthlessness shouts.

My thoughts chained to questions of empty ambition.

The night scraps for mercy, the day yields self-doubt.