Celestial Notion

Regardless of how loud the wolf howled

I showed you love and strength

I kept whacking the mole back down

An offer of kindness to endless lengths

Fixated fascination to keep you from pain

Obsessive endeavor at only a glance

A long lonely walk to ensure your gain

Destination unknown gave only a chance

My gift was protection of an intentional kind

To tread ever so lightly and help you with me

A measure of tenderness for a sensitive mind

Comprehension unnecessary. Forgiveness for free

But bravery it seems is like a roller coaster

Some call that crazy but I beg to differ

Committing to pain for peace you can bolster

The strain on the mind yields a glorious fissure

So easy to cry when it’s so complicated

Perspectives peek in a distressing motion

So easy to hate when you feel you are hated

But kindness wins out in a celestial notion