Chaos Virus

I’m not sure where to even start with this dream. Wooo! Perhaps the beginning is a good place, LOL.

I was on the campus of a college or university. Things looked familiar, but I couldn’t make a connection with a specific place. Night had fallen upon us and the air was cool, with a light fog dropping down. Something seemed off. As I walked slowly along a covered walkway on the northwest end of the campus, air raid sirens began sounding. Immediately I could hear screaming and chaos in the distance. Soon after, the sound of gunfire filled the air. Oh no!

As I continued walking closer to the chaos, as if nothing at all was wrong, I could see military personnel firing on citizens. At this point, I was struck with fear. Once I was close enough to be in harm’s way, I stopped walking and started watching. I was worried. Each of the military personnel seemed to have a small cloud of red and blue highlighted gas floating about their head. Somehow I knew the reason for this cloud of gas. The military personnel had been infected with a virus which grew from a performance enhancing drug they had each been injected with earlier in the day. I termed this virus the “Chaos Virus”.

The chaos moved around like a pack of brawling dogs. People were running, jumping, and screaming. Dust followed the pack wherever it went, as did the military personnel. Bright lights set daytime upon the campus. As it moved near me, I became a part of the chaos. There was no easy way out of this mess. After being engulfed, pushed around, and driven to and fro for a few minutes, I was able to escape the turmoil. I then began running. I ran as fast as I could and I was able to escape the chaos, but I was being fired upon by the military personnel. Bullets were flying by me, high and low, but somehow I wasn’t hit. I heard one of the shooters say, “They are running! That means they must be an angry mob! We’ve got to take them all down!” He was infected with the chaos virus! I then said to myself, “Is this why they are shooting at us? They think we are an angry mob? The virus has confused them.” Amid the chaos and confusion, I figured out why all hell had broken loose on this college campus. It was indeed the chaos virus. It was horrible! I escaped to peace inside a nearby mall.

The next thing I know I was inside an unfamiliar home. It was very clean with a lot of white (walls, decor, etc.) A family of four arrived. I did not know them. This family consisted of a mom, a dad, a son, and a daughter. The kids were in their late teens or early twenties, and close in age to one another. The son was older. I remember talking with the daughter for a bit, then talking with the dad.

Next, I was at the mall (from the earlier part of the dream) with this family. This part of the dream is not as vivid as the first part, but we were talking to a man. The details of the encounter escape me.

All of the sudden we were in another place. I’m not sure if it was a truck stop or just some old country store, but that was the vibe I got from our surroundings. This family had an RV, but everything was a bit abstract. At some point, I looked under the RV and found a dead body. I didn’t recognize the body, but I alerted everyone. None of them got very upset about the dead body being under their vehicle and that struck me as strange. Again, the details of this encounter escape me, but it was certainly eerie.

Finally, I was at my grandfather’s old church where he and I used to mow all the grass on campus. I was standing in a small wooded area that sat adjacent to the church.

The dream ended.