Citrus Sun

Cold Grave Scars

I peer ahead as the citrus sun sets

With athletic shirt and jeans faded from sweat.

I still feel your presence, it must be your mind

Afraid I will go and leave you behind.

So I look to the left and bow my weary head

Afraid to look back, ashamed of the dread.

But curiosity tugs with a force like no other

It demands to be heard before I go any further.

I shift my whole body, turn my back on the sun

I feel I’ve two options, face you or run.

I turn inch by inch and there you stand

But you speak not a word while you stare at the sand.

With the air now cooled as you look to my feet

Your exploding star heart yields extraordinary heat.

My life became full from taking all you had

While anxiety’s rapport left you feeling so sad.

So as my silhouette fades into this citrus star

I take with me the gift of your cold grave scars.