Come Cry With Me

Come cry with me

Let’s lose them all in another dimension

Let the tears crawl slowly, sensing uncertainty in a cold dark world

Avoiding eradication, like a spider on the wall.


Come cry with me

You’ll feel much better as our tears form a river

They’ll extricate and bring us warm hope

A refreshing freedom from this temporary fetter.


Come cry with me

You deserve this release as life deserves love

Let stress blast like rockets then float with impulse above

And leave you in peace as we’re left behind.


Come cry with me

Everyday if you will as your warm heart begs

I’ll commit to your accord, I’ll invest in your pain

If you’ll accept my deal all the same.


Come cry with me

Let’s paint this cold, grey world

Every color of the rainbow, as our brushes narrate

We’ll capture it on canvas, a magnificent day.


Come cry with me

You need not be afraid when the enemy appears

Raise your head slowly and rest your soul on a cloud

The pain’s gonna fade as it loses its faith.


Come cry with me

Our emotions so frail, our knees on the ground, can anyone tell

Their judgement so harsh, such piddling strife

With power, passion, peace, and poise, they’ll watch us prevail.