Conflagrant Concept

High above. On angel’s wing he’ll soar.

When evil attacks. Like lion’s prowess, he’ll roar!

Send all you have. See his striations. Feel his flex.

Ice cold blood. Striking strength. Raging vex.

Atomic ferocity. Blazing desire. Flaming heart. Fiery eyes.

Where his calming presence is a beloved prize.

You’ve never faced a man of such likeness.

When darkness rushes he erupts with brightness.

The coward charges with an arrogant allegation.

But trembles with fear in ghastly vexation.

Wrinkled skin like a tenacious rhino.

The protection of armor adds an hoary glow.

With resolute endurance, this clash he’ll abhor.

High above. On angel’s wing he’ll soar.