Wall of Tears

Dam of Tears

Took a hike today

Cried like a baby

Felt so damn good

No black and white, just greys and maybe.

Thought about the passing

Of a beloved friend’s soul

When I received their message

Knew I had to go.

When I arrived where they were

The mood had been drained

Then she clinched me so tightly

Her anger. Her pain!

We must have embraced

For at least half the day

As their eyes gazed upon us

Our sins washed away.

As emotions welled up

Behind that dam of tears

They opened the floodgates

And released all our fears.

With our hearts now empty

And our spirits gone astray

I knew I had to leave her

So I up and walked away.

This is true friendship

It’s love and it’s pain

I cried like a baby

With a special friend today.