Dirt on my Name

I can’t be who I want to be

No options remain, so I’ll just be me

Goin insane

All these things they rack my brain

Imagination trumps information

A tug of war in combination

Observation of possibilities

Leads my mind to false realities

Just toss some sand

And throw dirt on my name

In the end we’re all to blame

Fighting my power to destroy them all

Endless schemes

Harrowing dreams

Lights go out for a one way trip

No coming back once the day is flipped

Nightmarish break in a four walled world

No escape when the rules are all furled

I’ll just be me

I’ll just be he

When the dust all settles

Things will be the way things will be

Nothing to change. No waning plea

Corrupted options

I’ll never see what I choose to see

I’ll just be me. I’ll just be me……

I’ll just be me.