Ever Glow

Evil walks these streets in the foggy, warm night

Snatching souls meticulously in a wretched, horrid plight

But the beaming light has no agenda, as it blasts through the air

While fear strikes stinging jabs at me as it beseeches to fight.


Why is it you crouch in these ghoulish shadows, I ponder

Pretending you’ve meandered into that great big yonder

While you watch and record every subtle breath I breathe

Arrogance, grasping at straws, as to what I am willing to squander.


In darkness you hide in the calmly disseminating steam

But I attentively perceive as you go to every extreme

You carefully observe me from a Hubble perspective

But so incredibly blinded you are to my hopes and dreams.


Have you heard of light? It’s what consumes the dark

It only grows more fierce with each cowardly bark

Like the wolf that keeps howling straight at the moon

I can only apprise that you conscientiously hark.


Shew shew shew, as you expeditiously go

With your passive negativity and darkness in tow

I’m not interested in your maniacal method of fear

So I’ll occupy this apex and let my light ever glow.