Fade From Black

Please soften the sting of my hurting heart

With your gentle and resolute healing power.

A subtle smile or nod or gesture

Can make so sweet what once was sour.

Could you dedicate to me a moment of time

With no distractions or hurry?

The weight of truth, an extricating element

One gracious word could free all the worry.

Even prisoners get that one special call

When first they are detained.

But I never got mine when I was locked away

Just a cold square room and a toilet of pain.

I know your anguish is real like my spirit is jaded

I would never discount something so true.

Your trek is a maze, shrink-wrapped in a bubble

But the soul of another is in agony too.

So, I’ll write for a century if that’s what it takes

As my aching hands cramp so tightly.

Living in a bottle of misunderstanding

While half-truths crush down contritely.