Father’s Day

Being a father has been one of the greatest things in my life. Being a GOOD father has been the most challenging thing in my life. It takes a lot of time, energy, focus, love, and patience, when those things aren’t usually readily available in your body and mind. I try to improve at each of those things every day and sometimes I take a step back. Other times I take a few steps forward. We’re chasing moving targets because they are changing so much, but we never stop trying to improve.

For this Father’s Day, since my wife doesn’t care about or enjoy writing, she’s asked me to write an article. Since I have no desire to write about myself and writing a Father’s Day article about myself would be quite strange, I took a different approach. Let’s focus on the kids. After all, I wouldn’t be a father without my kids.

We all love our kids of course, but I always say that paying attention to your kids is the most important thing you can do. You must know them in order to understand their needs and that doesn’t happen at your convenience, but how well do your kids know you? For this Father’s Day, my wife interviewed our kids, asking them random questions about me. Their answers were great!

Correct answers are denoted by an asterisk

What Makes Daddy happy?

Pizza – Dante (age 10)

Eating – Xavian (age 8)

Me – Larkin (age 6)

How old is Daddy?

41 – All

What is Daddy’s favorite movie?

Star Trek Beyond – Dante

Star TRACK – Xavian (I haven’t heard of this one)

Star Wars – Larkin

What is Daddy’s favorite food?

Healthy food – Dante

Mac & Cheese – Xavian

Vegetables – Larkin

How tall is Daddy?

4 feet – Dante

15 inches – Xavian

45 – Larkin (no unit of measurement provided)

What is Daddy really good at?

Throwing a frisbee – Dante

Working on fences – Xavian

Basketball – Larkin

What is Daddy’s job?

Computer Engineering – Dante

To Work – Xavian

Fixing computers – Larkin

How do you know Daddy loves you?

When he doesn’t yell at us – Dante (oh dear)

Because he’s nice – Xavian

Because I give him hugs – Larkin

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

Eat at Pizza Hut – Dante

Play games – Xavian

Play with American Girl Dolls – Larkin

What is something Daddy says a lot?

‘Be quiet’ – Dante

‘Do not do that again’ – Xavian

‘Don’t interrupt’ – Larkin

What irritates Daddy?

Kids bickering – Dante

Traffic – Xavian

When Xavian yells in his ear – Larkin

If you could say one thing to Daddy, what would it be?

‘I love you’ – Dante

‘Pizza? I love you’ – Xavian

‘You laugh a lot’ – Larkin

I hope all you Fathers out there have a great Father’s Day. If you’re struggling with any aspect of fatherhood and you’re not sure what to do, start by making sure you’re paying enough attention to your kids. It solves so many parenting issues and you’ll draw closer to them. Also, pray for them. God has big things in store for them!

Happy Father’s Day!