Foisted Fear

I won’t scarper anymore from your foisted fear

As my tormenting treadmill keeps me near.

The more I run, the more the belt turns

Till eventually I fall with irrational hope burned.

I can’t let your voice convince me I’m wrong

The way it convinced you, you were right along.

I’m not responsible for what your jaded past accrued

Yet I inspire the encouragers who invigorate you.

It seems your heart turned binocular blind

But why would you care? You’ve made up your mind.

Your avoidance technique, offensively sealed

With inscrutable evasion that stings so real.

I may miss details, but I feel impassioned bursts

And I felt your eyes cut through me as your butterflies dispersed.

So I’ve unplugged the carousel, this revolving door.

With a mandate from my soul, no more… no more.