Forlorn Caper

Watch me closely girl so you can decide

Whether I’m worthy of your judgmental scorn.

Either I pass your test or I’m filthy dirt

Not worthy to be walked on since the day I was born.

Tell me girl, are my words as weak as the wind?

Unable to budge even a mere piece of paper?

Or do you think my feelings are inconsequential?

Just some fabricated fictitious forlorn caper?

Your boundaries paralyze like a collar on a dog

Hunting passionate prisoners from that lone watch tower.

Bullets zip dipped in a toxic tormenting terror

Piercing my heart as you relax with a glaring glowing glower.

Place judgment as a trophy in your precious cloud mantle

Right next to the urn where you torment my soul.

I built a ladder to the top to retrieve my broken spirit

But lost my worth in the crash from your actions so cold.