Gavel Feels

Why do they fear us? Have we killed before?

Some murderous monster with a ghastly roar?

Our ways seem uncommon and quite aberrant.

While their judgemental gavel feels so inherent.

We’re confident, unique, and different, all the same.

Is that why they attack us with their steaming shame?

They see us as fractured and easily ruled.

While their short-sighted coup is a thing of fools?

If trying to fix us is their godly motivation.

Then we’d assume be alone and avoid their citations.

They say we’re too loud when we locate the words.

But then we’re too quiet as our cogs slowly turn.

They marvel at our warmth in its innocent measure.

Then say we’re too cold and exude their displeasure.

They applaud our agility then despise how we bend.

Too distant! Too deep! The contradictions don’t end!

The way we think and feel so deeply.

Gives cause to pause as we tread discreetly.

The words may not come for a day or two.

So we carry that burden until a plan starts to brew.

While the vultures circle and the narcissists scheme…

We decode our thoughts and map out our dreams!