Gravity For Two

When I saw her face, my heart began to rip at the seams. Her pain.

The earth quaked, blood seeped out, but only for me. Thick like glue.

A simple touch. The face of worry. Paralyzed. What could I do?

She shared her hidden anguish. Indescribably cold, shades of blue.

Magnetic polarity brought a pain I could not explain. Bewildered.

I looked around for a source, but saw no one. Just energy from a soul.

Her despair became my fear. Sharp ringing in my ear. Took such a toll.

Rain drops in slow motion, fell. I lied there, shaking. Down in a hole.

The space invaded by emotional resonance. Package delivered.

I didn’t ask for this or stake a claim, yet it was given to me, all the same.

Did you even know about this soul transaction? Such a harrowing game.

You confused your fear for relief and replaced my gratitude with shame.

Where to go from here? Only to pain, agony, and more pain. Torment.

Wrong side of a two way mirror. No reflection. Emptiness. Quick look back.

Thunder strike! Paraded to prison with unfamiliar emotion carried in a pack.

Light beam sparkle screams hope, while nightfall screams pitch black.

This grief, this misery I have adopted, you can take it back. Would you please?

I thought I could carry what I couldn’t imagine, for a bit. Grave mistake.

Remorseless gravity now weighs twice as heavy on my soul so grey.

If I could only find a way to invert the suffering… I’d slowly float away.