It hit you like a sudden breeze. A tempest.

Your heart was out there. Open. Exposed.

You looked away but for a moment.

Then realized it had wandered away.

Your panic, like a thousand voices, cried out. Shrieking.

You scurried to safety. Hiding. Hidden. Peeking.

You underestimated the power of your actions.

You were oh so powerful yet beyond scared. Fearful.

You chose not to face it, but it found you.

It faced you. You faced back.

Heart rate up. Blood pressure erratic. Sweating increased. Breathing pronounced.

You weren’t prepared for it and you didn’t care about it.

You owed it nothing and you believed it to be true.

It was insignificant in your world so bold.

Your expression. Strong. Your defense. Debilitating. Your idealism. Piercing.

The “it”, well, that was me.