You question your worth.

But it cannot be measured.

Not by a king, a queen, or even a jester.

I don’t understand why you feel this pain.

Comparing yourself to lowly things.

Diamonds and rubies don’t compare to you.

Lamborghinis can’t even run with you.

I’ve heard talk of a priceless stone.

But you are beyond priceless, you alone.

Your every being is majestic.

Your inexplicable soul is mysterious.

Your life is undeniable.

Your smile is brilliant.

You were made to soar.

Higher than jets.

So I leave you with this.

Go. Walk. Glide. Stride. Conquer. Love.

Embrace your brilliance, your beauty, your radiance.

Let nothing stop you.

Soar high above!

Your worth cannot be questioned.