Heart-Braided Rope

Shit hits the fan in a wet, sloppy thud.

I cry out for help to my peeps and my love.

But they just stand there, like they’re stuck in mud.

Others run away, like they’ve just seen blood.

As it turns out, she’s painted an illusion.

Standing tall, as she parades her affusion.

Those dark eyes to me seem quite disillusioned.

Her body blows gifting me lifeless contusions.

I’ve worked so hard to decipher these options.

New information yields yet another adoption.

Diving deep into data like Holmes and Watson.

Is this brain exercise or some accute neurotoxin?

As I retreated desperately deep in my cave.

I gave them warm hugs and acted so brave.

I knew I was heading to a singular rave.

Soon I’ll be swallowed by this collapsing wave.

But the sunshine invariably finds its way.

To protect me from vultures and my mind’s decay.

So forgive me if I suddenly waft away.

These heart-braided ropes weren’t designed to fray.