Girl on Peer


They voiced their disdain and deemed her flighty

With pleas for placidity in a judgmental spree

Lay down your munitions you myopic milksop

As I urged the eyes of their sad souls to see!

Pinned with a label of jagged and jaded!

Knife and note pinned right on her back.

Struck a chord in the holes of my hemorrhaging heart

Baffling bewilderment, such a calloused attack.

Then the one she trusted smirked at her pain

That self-centered, cynical, sore little man

Seems she’s his tool now… job to get done

Deemed decent for duty, just part of his plan.

But I was banished, barred, belittled, and bled

As her bottle of syrup poured over shame

Dehumanization, darkness, denial, and dilemma

As robot shoulders yield shrugs all the same.

Now her android friends send laser beam stares

Skin piercing heat from a programmed face

While I continue to pray with courageous confusion

Absorbing attacks in the absence of grace.

I came to her rescue when she hated me most!

Like a crucifixion, they all let her down!

I paid a price for her friendship as I fought for her name

With her heel in my back and my face on the ground!