Helicopter in Hand

This dream started with my wife, her friend, and I walking through a dirt field, which was a parking lot. We were heading into what I can only describe as a wildlife refuge.

We had to walk through an area that was lined with gates, similar to what you would see in a football stadium, but it felt more like walking into a zoo. There were lots of earth tones in the architecture, which reminded me of a zoo. It even smelled like a zoo. It was, after all, a wildlife refuge.

I remember walking into the refuge and exploring a bit. We were just walking around, goofing off. There was nothing exciting going on. It was like we were in a 1980s music video, wandering haplessly through a field.

Then, it got a little weird. All of the sudden, we were back outside of the refuge and we were walking in again, just like at the beginning of the dream. It started over, except this time things were different. Everything around me was different. The weather, the environment, the entrance even looked different. It was darker. A little more intense.

This time, as we walked in through the gates, there were people all around. There were also a few tables, but none of them were the same size or shape. There were people at each table. They were counting money. Some tables had bills. Other tables had coins, but there was a lot of money!

Something else was vastly different once we made it past the entrance, past the tables, and into the refuge. I was holding a helicopter. Not a toy helicopter, but a full size helicopter, a Bell 47 helicopter to be exact (you can Google that if need be because that’s what I had to do LOL). There was a little bit of conflict over the helicopter. I wanted to fly it, but my wife didn’t want me to. She said I wouldn’t know what to do. Strangely enough, she was a pilot in the dream and knew how to fly the helicopter. I wanted so badly to fly it, but she convinced me that I wouldn’t get anywhere and being the people-pleaser I am (sometimes at least), I didn’t want to let her down, so I conceded.

After exploring the refuge for a bit, we left, helicopter in hand.