Hurts So Sad

Trying to weep, but the tears won’t come

Life pressures building, wanna come undone

I look for release in unique places

Because I see the chagrin in familiar faces.

I think of his future and the knife cuts so deep

Who will love him and where will he sleep?

There’s gotta be more than this wretched existence

Mysterious energy tells of gross preexistence.

At least it’s not anger, of which I despise

When I see the world clearly through incredible hulk eyes

Then I fall back so fiercely to a living truth

With disdain for so many, but a comfort in youth.

Now the tears flow fully and it hurts so sad

And all I can think is how they’ll treat him so bad

The future has scorned me, so now I defer

In a present that torments, where scars are incurred.