Ignoble Oaf

We’re bad-asses until humility slams through the door, confusing our feelings, disarming our motivations, and electrocuting our souls. Arrogance grabs hold.

A sudden and overwhelming feeling of helplessness falls upon us, around us, and within us. The insecurities shoot through our bodies and our souls like rods of light, piercing us, paralyzing us, and stunning us. We shake, intensely, but only for a moment. This is shock.

We think back… looking, searching, begging for the pattern which led to this point. We’re unable to fully envision this complex picture, which brings in frustration and causes us to flounder as we fluctuate between reality and imagination. We reflect until we’re blue in the face.

We simply don’t want to accept the state to which reality has brought us. We reach for the delusion or misapprehension which our mind has painted so vividly for us, but we deny it. It can’t be true. Can it?

Eventually, we are forced to accept reality. We thought we were on top of the world, but now we realize that we are so incredibly fragile and we begin to cede control to that which shoves us into submission.

Finally, we realize that there was another course plotted for us. What we thought we knew. Where we thought we’d go. It was all just an illusion. The strings that bind us take control and we’re brought to our knees.

Humility, it seems, is a dominant master.