Illusion of Freedom

My heart felt relief

But it was only a coup

Many months ago

What could I do?

She sent me away to never return

But made no sense as I listened to her

To her my words were not enough

Did her past appear with a striking blow?

Giving her discomfort and pain?

How could I know?

I felt her conflict as she fought it off

But for whatever reason I’m still in my cave

Though it feels much more like a grave

A real conversation is what I desire

Not contention or accusations!

Not throwing explosives into a fire!

I’d just love to say

That she doesn’t have to hate me

She doesn’t have to hide away

Time is all I have right now

But even that is dying somehow

No one cares to help me out

So I’ll remain in this prison with questions and doubt

Trapped! With not so much as bail.

Cold! I lie face down on the ground

Her illusion of freedom is the ultimate jail