Languish in Lie

Soulmate designation, littered lies, see her fly

But souls don’t need each other, just a fable in a sty

“We can freely love so many,” when she needed me around

“Oh, that love thing, overrated,” when a new boy came to town.

I left her there to languish, when invitation was rejected?

I sat right here in anguish, bewildered and dejected

Banging head against a wall, now this brain is fully fried

While she dangled warm embraces, but caroused with brand new bride.

Please my dude come see me, I’ll drive you all around

Our love will soar much higher, as we conquer all the town

Oh wait, no, I can’t do it, my anxiety has worsened

Please lust for me alone, or I’ll be branded rotten person.

I’d give her every mountain, for as far as eyes can see

As affliction tears right through me, in the form of crushing creed

All I did was try to love her when I offered her the moon

Now eclipsed from her existence, like a sad, naive, old fool.