Leo: the Warm-Hearted

What this post is about, is my speculation on a behavior of those *I* know personally born anywhere around July 23rd, and August 22nd,  said to have the sun sign “Leo.” My opinions are my own. I am not saying all “Leos” act this way, or exude this behavior.

What this post is not about, is a teaching of astrology, or it’s terms. If you are not currently familiar with a lot of astrological terminology, this post may not be for you. What it is also not a post advocating everything about astrology, and all things that are associated with astrology. (Because I do not abide by everything astrology has to teach.)

As for me personally, in my mind, I have simply perceived many correlations and similarities, with that of the MBTI personality types, and things I have studied about that of Jungian cognitive functions. Exactly what I agree with astrology and what I do not, or, the connections I’ve seen with it and that of MBTI, if I choose to share these things, would be due to be shared in another post.

For a further note, I happen to have a lot of Leo in my personal chart. This post in no way is discrediting or putting down behavior of Leos.

Everyone says that Leos, are self-centered. Some are. And we cannot deny that Leo sun signs have a certain kind love or pride for themselves, whether it  based out of pure confidence, or on the other end of the spectrum, arrogance. However, I believe many times Leos are judged WRONGLY, and said to arrogant, when, really they are just “confident.” Why is this? Could it be that people are simply just jealous by how brightly many Leos shine, so they seek to “dim their light” by judgement, and the pointing of fingers? This could be part of the problem. But I genuinely think there some things left unsaid about Leos, about ways they communicate, that are still widely not understood, that if not understood, could lead to these wrong conclusions about such individuals That being said, let’s dive into my observation of Leos that I’ve known. I do currently have, and have known, quite a few many Leos.

As for my own experience getting to know Leos as friends, they talk a lot about themselves. I love listening to them talk. I could listen to them talk all day, honestly. I also have noticed (with the ones that I’ve known) that they do not ask a lot of questions. For example, if I say “I’m interested in psychology, what are some of your interests?” They’ll address their interests part of the question, but they won’t go back after and ask “So what got you into psychology?” and address my end of things on their own. However, if I ever chime in and say something about myself or about anything at all, they’ll immediately stop, smile, and listen intently. If they care about me, and are not self-centered, I can definitely see right away if that is the case. But I simply find that in order to let them hear about my I have to say “Okay, wow, that is so neat! I like psychology because…” because I find they won’t ask me those type of questions. Or, if I say “I’m really close to my grandma” they won’t ask me anything like “Oh that’s awesome, did you do a lot of stuff growing up with her? What kind of stuff.”  I love listening to them talk, but I do feel as though other people could get aggravated by the Leo’s communication style sometimes, if they do not understand it because they don’t think they (the non-Leo) care about what they have to say.

Here is how I perceive their communication style to work. What Leos do, is they just talk, and they wait for someone to chime in. Their talking so much and jumping around trying different topics, I believe, is their way of inviting me to talk with them! Like, they literally just want me to (almost) interrupt and start talking, too. I believe that, I am able to get along with Leos for the most part, because I understand their communication style.

For some people, I believe this communication style of theirs could be frustrating, because they misunderstand that it is simply the Leo’s way of interacting.  Some people always want people to ask THEM questions, or else they will never talk about themselves. There is definitely a balance to find between how much one talks about their own selves, and how much they ask questions. I believe it is definitely important to ask questions and cover all the bases in one’s conversation. Anyone, even a Leo, is able to do these things, and develop just as good social skills as the other person. No “sign” is better than another.

While it is important for other people to develop better communication skills, we are responsible for ourselves first, and what we understand from others.

Whether you believe in signology, or not, has been so important to me to remember that there are so many different ways people communicate. Knowing this has helped me remember that just because someone does not communicate like *I* would, does not always mean they care less about me than I do. Learning this was so imperative for me.