Loaded Wagon

In this dream, I started out at a house. I was taking care of a baby. I was anxious and nervous and the baby seemed to be in control of me. It was a very odd start to a dream, so abstract and so confusing.

Eventually, I left the house and ended up at a place that was similar to Top Golf except fully enclosed (i.e. indoors). I had a wagon with me that was loaded with tons of stuff, including our dog and a large comforter. I remember hitting golf balls. When it was time to leave, I had trouble keeping everything in the wagon. The comforter kept falling over the edges. Stuff kept falling out. It was becoming stressful, but I figured out a creative way to keep everything in, although the details of exactly how escape me (you’ll hear me say this a lot).

Before I could leave the area where you hit golf balls, I ran into these two Italian brothers who were playing a different game. It was one of those games that has two chairs that you sit in with a big screen in front of you and the chairs move around to create a real-life experience. The only thing is it was extremely intense. Like, the intensity of it should have killed the brothers, but it did not. It was larger and more intense than anything I’ve ever seen in real life. It was way over the top. As I passed the brothers, one of them casually hopped off the game and spoke to me. I don’t remember what he said, but I think it was about food. He was friendly.

As I left the area where I had hit golf balls, someone was with me. It was the mother of a former co-worker and friend. As she and I walked through what can only be described as the tunnel area (like an area near locker rooms?) of a football stadium, we passed John Gruden, an NFL coach. As we passed Coach Gruden, he spoke and we returned the gesture, then I cracked a joke that he thought was hilarious. The next thing I know, we are hanging out with him and I’m asking him about all the different players he knows. It was as wild as it sounds.

Once we left the stadium (I guess you could call it that), we went to my friend’s mother’s house. At her house, there was this large wall with what I can only describe as an interactive digital page out of a giant book. In this page, you could write code, as in programming code. You could literally erase code with an eraser that resembled a chalk board eraser, then rewrite it with a marker of sorts. Your code would then be transformed from free-hand writing into a typeface (or font). It was amazing! Imagine the board from Minority Report where Tom Cruise moved objects around, except very different. It was more like something out of a pop-up book, but digital and unfathomably interactive.

We (mostly me) worked in the digital book for a while, then it was time for me to go. As I prepared to leave, my friend’s mother handed me some stuff. I don’t remember what this “stuff” was, but she was graciously offering it to me, so I took it. As I was walking down her driveway, I remembered that I had left something in her house, so I went back in to get it, then left again.

The dream ended.