You can drag my name through the mud. You have.

Tell them all about the monster you think I am.

I’ve tried to hate you because I needed to. I can’t.

Only one action remains. Pretend.


Trying to escape the flaws in my blood.

Remind me I’m nothing. Elude and escape. Hmm. No.

DNA sticks like glue or cement or clay-based mud.

Kryptonite damage. Collateral callous. Inescapable.


Be this. I can’t. I fail. Your standards judge.

Blind my intuition with past regret. Your mud.

Overbearing overture to a ten round fight. I won’t.

The patience game. A warm, cozy cave. Room for one.


Your future self saw my heart. Disdain. Denial. Absent.

Judge and jury gone away. Rain over sun. Night over day.

Fragile hearts stagger as collisions collude and collusion collides.

Mud binds. By design. Cover the eyes. Lows and highs.


Pass it down with proud confusion. Oblivious.

Appreciation applied with robot hands. Eagle eyes.

Tradition contrite. Every way. Fly a kit. Windy day.

No chance now. Gone away. Won’t come back. Mud slide tears.


Pain needs the rain. The brave need a cave.

Overwhelmed by disdain and emotion of others. A thud.

Can’t come out. Not today. Gotta stay. Please go away.

Nestled. Curled. Muscles ache. In a ball. Face down… in mud.