My Abyss

They all arrive with flashlights in hand.

They’ve come to save me. Well isn’t this grand.

As night closes in they circle o’er my pit.

Staring down into darkness, into my abyss.

The fog rolling by invokes vision impaired.

The temp becomes frigid with their incredulous stares.

But intuition caught wind of their bewildering journey.

Knowing their decree tastes of sweetest honey.

But this pit they’ve besieged is an empty tomb.

For I quit this place. I blew this joint. I left this room!

I tunneled out through a rift bored with tears.

Unbeknownst to them, I escaped their sphere.

Now I stand behind them at the edge of a field.

Pondering how the dots all connect in this ambiguous deal.

As they implement advancements with a plot to command.

I’m one move ahead with exit scenario in hand.

As they force their way in, to my soul not so open.

They meet a great barrier, with words left unspoken.

So as the possibilities abound in this benevolent mess.

I return to my chamber, waiting, watching silently… in this reticent game of chess.