Nomadic Device

In this dream the focus was on a device. I don’t have a name for this device, but I’ll do my best to describe it.

It was one of those toy telephones that children play with. When I say “telephone”, I’m referring to an old telephone, not a cell phone. These old phones, for those of you who aren’t old enough to have ever used one, are comprised of three pieces: 1) The piece you hold to your ear; 2) The telephone cord; and 3) The main piece with either a rotary dial or a push button dial. Over the years they’ve made kids toys that resemble these phones.

The kids phone in this dream though, looked nothing like that. It will be hard to describe it, but I’ll do my best. It was tall and oval shaped, like one of those stylish garbage cans you’d buy from Bed Bath and Beyond. The top of it had two holes. The entire device was maroon or red all over and had a metallic finish. It looked expensive.

The dream was unique in the sense that the scene kept changing, but the device did not. As I found myself in a different place every few minutes, the device remained the only thing consistent. The backdrop of each scene led me to believe I was inside someone’s home.

There were other people in the dream, but none of us ever interacted with the device. It was just always there and from scene to scene the device moved around. For example, in one scene the device was next to me. In another scene, the device was across the room. In fact, in one scene, the device was by the door, almost as if it were begging to leave.

This dream had Twilight Zone written all over it.