Not a Stem Could Remain

They cultivated a compelling covenant

Forcefully forged from respect received

A special someone sought a salvation song

Which required redemption from their angry seas.

Feeling such soothing, sensational strength

As the tall tree grew with ground in tow

He accepted their pain with perpetual pleasure

But those raging roots had nowhere to go.

For he was the marvelous, magnificent mystic

Fantastic and free, the people his fruit

Emotionally connected down dangling denial

Their pain so chronic. Their discomfort acute.

But the treacherous time raced right by

And the faithful fruit felt forced to drop

Painful separation served sadness surreal

Bruising, regret, then the tick of the clock.

Such a glorious gift now gone with the wind

Long way down to ponder the pain

Still more sad souls seeking salvation

And a lone wayward warrior to fan their flames.

But the pressure so powerful, a voice in vain

Precipitous propagation in a vertical flow

In time not a stem could ever remain

Give all that you have, then let each one go.