Not To Be Seen

I belong in the shadows.

I find comfort there.

I can relax and breathe.

I can be nowhere.

The walls offer safety.

A private place.

Where no one can judge me.

Then call it grace.

The center of attention.

Is a debilitating state.

Where light tells lies.

Where deceit permeates.

From the shadows I wait.

For the scene to conclude.

Any movement prior.

I may as well be nude.

You may think I’m there.

Or assume I’m away.

But I’ll watch the city.

From these shadows so gray.

I’d ask you to join me.

But there’s room for just one.

You’ll have to depart.

This web which I’ve spun.

So, I’ll stay in the shadows.

With my cautious mien.

Watching, waiting, wallowing, whispering.

Not to be seen.