Once Time Returns

Goodnight dearest friend

Maybe someday we’ll meet again

When our weary souls stand tall

And our alkaline tears don’t fall

At least, not to the floor

Because I promise I’ll catch them

Since I could not before.

But for now I’ll settle for the image

Of you staring back scrupulously

With a jaded, edgy glow

As if to say, “Impress Me!”

As your dark eyes gaze right at me

And I smile a smile of joyous glee

With the power to thwart all agony.

I’m trapped in an incessant moment

Where time promptly went away

And I’m left to repeat

The same intractable day

With a constant yearn

For time to return

800 serene sunsets on display.

Reconciliation, such a noble goal

For when time returns

My only prayer for you and I

Is two harmonious, humble souls

Where your gut-wrenching grief is gone

The perilous past has perished

And pain stays trapped as we move on.