One Ticket

Just a little story of how a very small act of kindness, changed someone’s day, and what it did in my heart!

I was at the fair the other day with some friends, and we rode a couple rides. We only had one ticket left, and could not use it. My brother, who was with us, and actually bought the tickets, suggested we give it to kid nearby, that is if we could find one. It was a great idea. I turned around, and right behind me was a little boy standing alone in a circle of a few women talking, kinda looking down at the ground, and all around. His back was facing away from me.

The manner in which he was standing or his aura wasn’t even what caught my eye, my heart just said to me, “that one.” My friend standing next to me said, “Hmm, how about we give it to him.” We went and gently tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Hey buddy, do you want a ticket?” He didn’t turn around at first. He must have not been paying attention or didn’t feel the tap. The woman next to him, who was probably his mom, was like, “Mark, look, they’re giving you a ticket!”

His eyes lit up sooo much, and his mom looked so happy as well, and told us that he only needed one more ticket for something he wanted to do. Just one ticket!!

This encouraged my friend and I so much. I feel so inspired now to pray every day and ask God how he can use me to do even the little things. Sometimes I get caught up in the big things. When I hear stories of sadness in the world, I tend to have these big overwhelming thoughts like, “Should I move to another country and start a new life, and totally give up everything for God??” I tend to feel like that’s the only thing that’s going to make a real impact. God very well does give mandates for people to do that, but he also does BIG works in peoples’ hearts, through small things, like random acts of kindness. Who knows?? Maybe that boy is often sad, gets bullied in school, and never feels lucky enough for people to do kind things for him or give him gifts. Well, that day he WAS that lucky, because he IS loved and he IS favored.

I love how God works in big ways, and small. God really does care about the little things!